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Case Management

Making life simpler in loss prevention.


Track cases, add incidents and interviews, all stored in a searchable index with a process flow that allows you control over your case load.

IntelliQ recognises that all companies need some form of case management to track active and closed cases for litigation purposes, monitor productivity internally, identify loss and expected recovery for budgeting and accounting, and use data to drive decision making around staffing and technology investments. From customer feedback we became aware of the need for a truly customisable case management tool that can be tailored to your business with the Loss Prevention professional in mind.  

Our stand-alone solution was designed to be simple enough for the end user to navigate, with little to no training, yet complex enough to control all aspects of the system and enable customisable changes in line with your business requirements. We left no stone unturned in making sure all required fields are captured, including rewards, civil recovery, local law enforcement reporting, multi-incident capabilities, and all relevant interview information. The main search bar allows for users to search the database using any key word within a report, creating a quick and easy way to find your targeted case when needing to review, edit, or modify. Your ability to upload documents and CCTV creates a complete case file, to be reviewed within the established workflow, and follow up where needed.


Our case management system can be used as a standalone platform but makes life simpler when integrated into our data analytics platform, enabling the user to create new cases or add to existing cases directly from exception reports, with all the applicable information being transferred and populated, where appropriate, saving time and reducing human error for the end user. 

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