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Circus Trix


Check out Circus Trix success story with IntelliQ.

The Circus Trix portfolio of parks elevates every level of play.

Return On Investment

IntelliQ engaged with the loss prevention team at Circus Trix in October of 2019, to embark on IntelliQ's free of charge Data Challenge investigations. 

The software is central to the team's strategy and is instrumental in helping determine where they should focus their efforts in order to drive down shrinkage. Circus Trix went live with IntelliQ at the end of 2020. During this time the company ran into unique challenges, such as park closures, and staffing issues, due to the repercussions of the Covid 19 Pandemic. However, Circus Trix quickly adapted  and incorporated IntelliQ into their reporting resource.

During the Data Challenge IntelliQ was able to show potential loss of $225K annually around refunds, suppressed transaction, and discounts, with a total potential savings of $460K in year one.

Circus Elephant

Data Challenge

IntelliQ have worked closely with Circus Trix, helping them uncover new fraud trends. Circus Trix are also successfully implementing IntelliQ's Case Management Tool within their organization.

After the success of the data challenge Circus Trix were able to achieve a substantial ROI with IntelliQ within just a few months of going live with the solution. IntelliQ had 96 days of Circus Trix POS data for the owned and operated parks.

Area of Fraud

  • Suspicious refund activity

  • Credit Disputes 

  • Under-ringing through low value sales and zero value sales

  • line void activity 

  • gift card abuse

  • Anomalies around discount transactions



Circus Trix is an American developer, operator and franchisor of indoor trampoline and extreme recreation parks. The company operate in 320 parks, and host 40, 000,000+ guests annually all over the world, making Circus Trix serve a variety of different ages and physical abilities. 

Circus Trix was founded by Case Lawrence in 2011, and they are in association with DEFY, Sky Zone, Rockin Jump, Planet 3, Superfly, and Rye brands. The company is continuously making new and exciting attractions which help promote physical activity.


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