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Simon Brodie - Corporate and Deputy Group Profit Protection Manager

“Using IntelliQ has allowed us to identify theft in our business far more quickly, increasing our operating efficiency and profitability. They are great partners to work with and are always willing to support our fast moving company”


Return On Investment

IntelliQ worked in close partnership with Merlin to build a strong business case based on an ROI in under 6 months. This paved the way for Merlin to select IntelliQ as their global loss prevention analytics solution and they have now achieved a significant year on year ROI. The group also continues to roll out the IntelliQ solution in line with their expansion worldwide with new attractions.

Amusement Park Ride

Data Challenge

During 2013, IntelliQ engaged with the loss prevention team at Merlin to embark on our free of charge Data Challenge investigation. IntelliQ analysed several months worth of retail (food and beverage) and ticketing data for instances of internal and external fraud, as well as looking at procedural anomalies occurring at the point of sale.  The Merlin Data Challenge was a resounding success, and a number of actual internal and external fraud cases were identified and dealt with during the process

Area of Fraud

  • Low value sales

  • High risk item deletes and transaction voids

  • Zero value sales

  • Sales/refunds of attraction tickets

  • High risk refunds

  • Debit/credit card activity

  • Merlin pass card activity

  • Discount abuse



Merlin Entertainments is a British-based company headquartered in Poole, Dorset which operates 124 attractions, 16 hotels and 3 holiday villages in 25 countries worldwide.

The attractions operated by Merlin Entertainments are diverse and include well-known brands such as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, The London Eye, The London Dungeons and Sea Life Centre. Additionally the company operates global brands such as Madame Tussuads and Legoland in multiple countries.


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