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Bowlero Corporation


Dave Ballou – Senior Manager Loss Prevention Analytics

Return On Investment

IntelliQ worked in close partnership with Bowlero Corp. to build a strong business case to generate the ROI in under 3 months. This paved the way for Bowlero to select IntelliQ as their loss prevention analytics solution and they have now achieved a significant year on year ROI. Bowlero continues to increase case count each year with IntelliQ driving 70% of their overall case count. They recently brought online their intercard data to join with POS giving them better visibility to their entire estate.

Cocktail Hour

Data Challenge

During 2017, IntelliQ partnered with the loss prevention team at Bowlero to embark on our free of charge Data Challenge investigation. IntelliQ analysed months of retail (food and beverage) and bowling data for instances of internal and external fraud, and procedural anomalies occurring at the point of sale.  The Bowlero Data Challenge was a resounding success, and a number of actual internal fraud cases were identified and dealt with during the process.

Area of Fraud

•    Line item voids of shoes & drinks
•    Expected products not included
•    Low value sales
•    Cash vs Card % of sales
•    End of shift refunds
•    Transaction voids 
•    Intercard card consolidation
•    Intercard card voids


Bowlero Corporation is an American based company headquartered in Manhattan, NY which operates over 270 centres, and more than 7,500 employees in the US and Mexico.

Bowlero Corporation is the largest bowling center operator in the world with brands such as Bowlero, & AMF. In 2019 Bowlero Corp acquired the PBA and continues its multiyear television partnership with FOX Sports to bring bowling to millions of fans across the globe.

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