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Check out Homebase's success story with IntelliQ.

Return On Investment

Homebase have used IntelliQ since 2005 to assist with the POINT Of Sales (POS) fraud detection and procedural analysis. They have achieved substantial ROI within just a few months of going live with IntelliQ. The Homebase team have a vast array of reports that they rely on for identifying areas of risk, theft and margin erosion.


Data Challenge

The results of the Data Challenge proved the value of the solution and paved the way for Homebase to invest in IntelliQ shortly after the free trial. IntelliQ's fraud analyses showed that refund abuse was extremely high, and therefore, Homebase was able to use this information to create specific reports to analyse refund transactions for single items and large value items. 

These reports can quickly and intuitively analyse every cashier in the business that has performed a refund for a single item, high value item, and for items that have neve been previously sold. When suspicious refund behavior is detected, the loss prevention team are alerted immediately.

Area of Fraud

  • No sale / open drawer activity by cashier

  • High risk item voiding 

  • Staff discount abuse 

  • High risk cancelled transactions 

  • Low value sales / under-ringing 

  • Zero value sales 

  • High risk refunds by cashier (cash and card)

  • Debit / credit card activity (e.g. cards with negative balances).



Homebase is the one-stop-shop for the products, expertise and inspiration home makers need to fix, improve or transform their homes and garden. Homebase has over 150 stores employing over 5,600 people across the UK and Ireland. 


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