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IntelliQ gives you the tools you need to catch Fraud

IntelliQ the fraud specialist 

Automated Reporting

Once a suspicious pattern of behaviour or weak process has been identified, users can model the activity within IntelliQ Blueprints. Blueprints allow users to receive automated, gift-wrapped, investigations straight to their inbox - and take full control of the content and frequency of delivery.

Computer Programming

Accessible on the move

IntelliQ reports, dashboards, and Blueprints can be viewed on any mobile, tablet and laptop device, so field personnel are always one step ahead of fraudulent activity or weak procedures.

Train of thought analysis

IntelliQ allows investigators probe the data and get the answer back in seconds. The flexibility of the IntelliQ product allows users to move through data in any direction to help support investigation into even the most sophisticated cases of fraud and theft.


Case Tracking

Our Radar feature enables users to automatically track specific case activities and employees directly on our interface. 

Big data made easy

Our unique DataSphere technology is specifically designed for storing vast amounts of data, and optimised for executing queries at lightning speed.


Intuitive Dashboards

IntelliQ provides users with an easy to use, Dashboard view, enabling instant access to your favourite fraud reports and KPI analysis. Dashboards are customizable by user to display multiple report views for specific countries, regions, stores, cashiers or brands.

Omni-channel analysis

IntelliQ offers holistic analysis across all channels, giving peace of mind for monitoring fraudulent activity in an increasingly complex trading environment.


Pinpoint Invisible Fraud

Sometimes employee behaviour can be strategic and remain well hidden. IntelliQ’s intuitive fraud detection capabilities enable users to quickly filter out operational noise or false positives within the data, in order identify sophisticated fraud.

Dynamic data analysis

Many of our customers analyse data from other areas of their business. Our Dynamic Tables enable the automatic upload of data sets by users with no IT involvement - increasing the value that IntelliQ can deliver to your retail business.

Stock Market Data

Secure solution hosting

Most IntelliQ clients prefer to install and run the solution within their own IT infrastructure. If that isn't an option for you, why not let IntelliQ take care of all of the technical hard work and host your solution at one of our UK-based, Tier 3+ secure datacentres. Our datacentres are ISO 27001 accredited and certified as PCI compliant.

Transaction visualisation

IntelliQ's unique Receipt Style capability enables users to view transactions in a dynamic receipt roll format, all at the touch of a button. 


Intuitive Analytics

Easy to use, drag and drop report creation allows loss prevention teams to view retail data in a number of different ways - from Tabular reports and interactive Charts & Graphs, through to Vortex - our unique graphical link analysis module for quickly identifying suspicious relationships across large volumes of transactional data.

Best practice implementation, training and support services

We pride ourselves on the quality of every solution we implement for our clients, taking meticulous care for delivering successful projects on time and within budget. We utilise a tried and tested, best-practice methodology with comprehensive project management to get the job done properly. We also provide full training and on-going support via our dedicated Helpdesk team, to make sure you get the continual ROI you expect from the solution.

Data on a Touch Pad
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