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Online and Cashless Fraud

Fraud in Retail


The customer purchasing, exchange and returns experience is a far more seamless process than ever before. But with that shift comes additional data from new and emerging retail channels. IntelliQ offers holistic analysis across all retail channels - not just bricks-and-mortar POS transactions -  giving piece of mind for monitoring fraudulent activity in an increasingly complex trading environment

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Many retailers now offer customers a variety of ways to purchase goods, whether online via an eCommerce platform or in-store ordering services. Furthermore, in-store transactions can now be paid for by a multitude of contactless methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and iZettle.

Payment landscape

Despite this complicated payment landscape, IntelliQ’s sophisticated forensic analysis capabilities enable retailers to easily and continually monitor systematic malpractice across all of their sales channels. Fraudulent occurrences such as daisy-chained online transactions with in-store returns, or item void activity involving contactless payment types can be swiftly identified and eradicated from your operations using the IntelliQ solution.

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