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Phillip Clarke - Retail Analytics and Reporting Manager

“We have had IntelliQ in the business for the past seven years. It allowed us to fundamentally change the way we look for fraud. Moving from physical onsite methods to a central approach while also giving us comfort in easing controls on our till systems, knowing that IntelliQ would help us manage that risk.”


Return On Investment

Primark achieved a substantial ROI within months of going live with IntelliQ. The software is now central to the security team’s strategy and is instrumental in helping determine where they should focus their efforts; in-order to drive down shrinkage.


Data Challenge

During 2013, IntelliQ engaged with the LP and IT teams at Primark to embark on our free of charge Data Challenge investigation. IntelliQ analysed several months worth of transaction data for instances of internal and external fraud, as well as looking at procedural anomalies occurring at the point of sale. Having been selected as the vendor of choice, IntelliQ was then implemented rapidly to ensure Primark could achieve ROI in the shortest possible time frame. A wide suite of reports are now used by the Primark team which include Tabular, Vortex and automated BluePrint reports. These cover every angle of employee malpractice and procedural issues/margin erosion.

Area of Fraud

  • Suspicious refund activity (high value cash, same card refunds, same item refunds etc)​

  • Long duration transactions to combat external theft from sweet-hearting / free-bagging

  • Under-ringing through low value sales and zero value sales​

  • No Sales usage​

  • Same item exchanges ​

  • Suspicious dump code usage​

  • Line void activity​

  • Gift card abuse​

  • Sensitive stock/new range monitoring (purchase embargos)​



Primark was first opened by Arthur Ryan in June 1969 in Mary Street, Dublin, under the name Penneys. Further expansion and success in Ireland led to a move to the United Kingdom, and, in 1971, it opened a large store in Belfast City Centre before opening four out-of-town stores in England in 1973. In October 2011, Primark opened its first concession model. In 1973, when it opened its first English store in Derby (and the first store outside Ireland), it couldn't use the name "Penneys" because J.C Penny had already registered the name. The name "Primark" was then invented to use for stores trading outside of Ireland.


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