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At IntelliQ, we recognize that Fashion EPOS data is specific to the fashion industry, we have extensive knowledge about how internal fraud occurs within the fashion industry. Take our Free Data Challenge Trial today to get a glimpse of how shrinkage occurs through internal fraud within your industry. 


“IntelliQ’s Data challenge was an eye opener as it showed us the highly risky transactions conducted regularly by internal staff. These were transactions we were never aware of which were significantly impacting our bottom line.”

Just contact us, and we will:

  1. Build a live demo with your EPOS data for a period of 3 months of your retail estate 

  2. Demonstrate with your data real examples of invisible theft, fraud and procedural failures

  3. You can experience the user-friendly, intuitive, flexible yet powerful reporting capabilities of the IntelliQ solution directly, and ask us any questions or any demonstrations on your own data.

You can explore your data with IntelliQ, and make up your own mind on how best we can help you solve your fraud problems.

From our experience across multiple data challenges across multiple sectors, we know that on average, 9% of a Retailer’s annual sales are exposed to internal fraud. Give us a chance to analyse your data, and show you exactly how you could get a significant ROI with IntelliQ

The Data Challenge

Experience the power of the IntelliQ solution first hand with your own live EPOS transaction data for FREE.


The Data Challenge process is incredibly straightforward and has paved the way for numerous retailers to invest in the solution and generate a significant Return On Investment within a matter of months.


IntelliQ will benchmark the areas where fraud and risk exists in your business against industry averages so that a complete picture emerges of how your organization can be improved, and demonstrating the ongoing benefits that can be rapidly generated by adopting IntelliQ.

Investment Chart
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